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The Innovation area of the ETSA group is equipped with an internal central laboratory and branches in the various manufacturing units, in which it performs the real-time control of the parameters of its products and ensures the quality requirements of our wide range of clients. It is in this space, equipped with the most advanced technology and the most modern equipment, that we develop new products that aim to respond to the needs of our clients and create new uses for the bio ingredients we process.
The development of new procedures to obtain new products is focused on the creation of the bio-functional and nutritive activity of animal protein by hydrolysis or purification processes, as well as in the energetic and bio-functional utility of pure fatty acids. This area also operates in the reuse of chemical elements present in waste generated from the industrial activity, namely the incineration activity.
From the laboratory bench to the pilot scale, the Innovation area favours the articulation with several entities of the national scientific and technological system, evident in the execution of R&D projects financed by funds from Portugal 2020 and other research support programmes.

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