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The well-being of our best friends should deserve our best attention; our proteins and our energy contribute to a natural, consistent and balanced diet.

Compound Feed

We produce the energy that several species need to grow in a healthy, safe and sustainable way.


Our soils are the basis of life; the use of appropriate nutrients allows the productivity increases that our world needs more and more.


We contribute to reducing the usage of limited resources, developing energetic renewable solutions that lead us into the future. 


We synthesize components that in the cosmetics and oleo-chemical universe contribute to the art of maintaining a natural appearance through special care.


What does your car seat, your sofa or your shoes have in common? The materials we rejuvenate are the foundation for your comfort and well-being.


Avoiding shortages of fish in the oceans is essential for the sustainability of the planet; our aquaculture solutions contribute to this mission.


Food Industry

We deliver high quality natural casings to the food market, fostering the most authentic gastronomic experience

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