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We turn waste into sustainable solutions

We offer our clients a set of products and services which, responding to the most demanding sanitary and environmental standards, position us as a reference operator in sectors as diverse as livestock, retail, animal feed, fuels, fertilizers and aquaculture. Safe, robust and highly efficient, our solutions contribute to the health and safety of people, animals and the planet, reducing the consumption of natural resources and underpinning the concept of circular economy.

We are present in several value chains, ensuring predictability in deliveries and product consistency.


With ETSA, you will always know what you can count on when you need it.

We have the high quality ingredients you are looking for to add value to your product.

The use of raw materials provided by ETSA will ensure the level of excellence you aspire to

We operate a dense collection network based on the most modern fleet adapted to the needs of the various collection points.

The ETSA service will allow you to focus on the key variables of your business.

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