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A commitment to Nature

Sustainability is part of the DNA of the ETSA Group. The path we follow provides a new life for products that would otherwise be directed to waste. Faithful to the motto that “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, we collect animal by-products and used cooking oils and turn them into a benefit, giving them new life.

In everything we do, we take responsibility for our business, the population and the environment. Our companies respect and scrupulously comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations – not just for the sake of duty but because they shape everything we believe in. We strive to continuously and consistently improve our services, products and business practices.

We practice proactive management of the environment, prevent pollution, and integrate environmental, health and safety protocols in all our operations. We live our fundamental values, committing ourselves to ethical and honest conduct in all the areas in which we operate.

To contribute to the breakdown of dangerous cycles not only for public health but also for the preservation of animal and environmental health has been the main motto of each ETSA Group company, according to its specificity, importance and contribution in its field of action.

Check here our codes of Ethics and Conduct, Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Letter of Commitment.

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