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Step by step we go further

The business areas in which the ETSA Group operates are based on strict national and European legal standards, which place human, animal and environmental health first. We focus on the full compliance with these standards, but we extend this concern by setting even more ambitious goals in controlling the quality of raw materials and finished products. In this way, the ETSA Group has made a clear commitment to the internal development of the areas of Quality and Research and Development (R&D), while also promoting links with external laboratories and independent companies for continuous monitoring of the chemical and microbiological parameters of final products and effluent (solid, liquid and gaseous) arising from the manufacturing activity. By investing in a close relationship with our clients, we constantly monitor the quality of our products and ensure homogeneity and predictability of parameters, allowing a solid and consistent track record in our business relations. Innovating and developing new products and continuously monitoring the quality of existing products will continue to be the ETSA Group’s strong focus.

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