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A modern and comprehensive collection network

Equipped with a modern fleet adapted to the needs of the various types of collection points where we operate, we have built a densified network for the collection of animal by-products and used cooking oils that responds effectively to the needs of our clients. The efficiency of this network is complemented by the provision of storage equipment, adapted to each type of service and to each type of material.

We cover the whole of Portugal (mainland and islands) and Spain, supported by aggregation logistic centres located in different points of the Iberian Peninsula that allow greater efficiency in the transport process and that allow greater operational proximity to our clients.

For each Client, a customised solution


The services we provide are preceded by a detailed check of the operating conditions of the collection sites and a procedural classification of the materials generated therein, depending on the characteristics of their production.

Based on integrated work methodologies, in partnership with the supplier/client, we set up mixed teams. After an exhaustive analysis of the internal classification and material management process, these teams jointly design the most indicated and effective concrete solution.

The solution is tested on the basis of a feasible action plan within the schedule agreed upon with the partner. After this evaluation and considering the necessary adaptations in the facilities, passages’ frequency and existing equipment, the operational rollout is started and is continuously monitored in constant articulation with the client.

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