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We take care of the present with our mind on the future


We make continuous investments to offer the best product


We are a quality benchmark in the services we provide

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It has been half a century since nature inspired our first steps. Throughout these 50 years, our mission has been carried out around sustainability and circular economy – terminologies that were unfamiliar until quite recently, but which have been in ETSA’s DNA since 1973. Our employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities where we operate have been fundamental to foster our purpose: recycling nutrients and reshaping them to different value chains. We currently serve industries as diverse as pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, food, fertilizers, petfood, compound feed, biodiesel or aquaculture.
We forecast our next 50 years with great confidence and ambition. We are innovating and building the future we want to be a part of, creating new applications for the bio-ingredients we process.
Being ETSA is breathing the future. Is creating the future. Is protecting our nature.
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Our activities contribute to guaranteeing public health and deliver a new life to hundreds of thousands of tons of bio nutrients.

Energy that sustains us

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